Picture Gallery


Dog's listed below came from the litter of Fly/Levi, born on 5/3/11.

Jag - Owned by Jim Perkins. Click Jag's name to see picture's of him being introduced to sheep. He shows a strong desire to work.
Marcus - Please click Marcus's name for a link Maria Amodei's page dedicated to him.
Bryn - Bryn is is approaching 2 years of age and has been introduced to both cattle and sheep. She shows no hesitation toward the animals. She is now being used off and on working cattle, she is learning about the concept of sheding and succeeding. While fly has been off work she has been the top dog and has learned a lot.
Fly, Dot and Bryn - Pups learning how to heard with and without their mother. Some really great teamwork!

 The dog listed below came from Fly's very first litter of Fly/Bev Lamberts Mirk.

Kip - Kip is just over 2 now and has been piss and vinegar since the day she was born. She is a working dog on a farm with a wide variety of animals and is always anxious to work.

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