About Me

Hi, my name is Caleb Parker. I use my border collie in everyday work. She works on both cattle and sheep, however she is used primarily on cattle. She has a great attitude about her work and is always trying to learn how to be one step ahead of me.

I am breeding my dog because I am very happy with both the way she works and her temperment (in general she is not one to bite). I would like to be able to keep her line going and will therefore continue to breed her in hopes of having puppies with these same attributes.

When breeding my dog I do a lot of research on the studs so that I can have puppies with great characteristics. The right match is more important than just getting her bred. The same goes for finding our puppies homes. Finding the right home is most important to us. 

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 1 male puppy in need of a home. 6 months old.
 Sire is Carol Campions Tam. 

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